Corporate Investment Partners (CiP)

InvestmentprozessThe prerequisite for successful investments are important general conditions that must just be right. The best projects and investments are generated from the network in which stakeholders contribute their strengths. The network creates access to new markets and technologies through personal contacts, but also through the utilisation of synergy potentials, e.g. through cooperations.

Also, the network is often a significant “growth accelerator” towards reaching the goal. In this regard, management support, export cooperations or purchasing partnerships can have great significance.

The network partner provides his know-how for investments in an active role, e.g. on the Board of Directors or in the operational management. Every corporate investment partner benefits from the verified investment opportunities, which he presents personally or jointly with the members. The comprehensive services all around the topic “corporate finance” facilitate efficient processing.

We actively live the network. Benefit from this and become a member.